Ordering Plants

You can order the whole year through,

Shipments of Heuchera will take place from the 8 January till the 20 December, except freezing periods.

Shipments of Hosta and Agapanthus will take place from the beginning of April until the end of October.

Combined orders Heuchera and Hosta and or Agapanthus will take place from the beginning of April until the end of October.

If you would like to receive the Heuchera's earlier, we advise you to make a separate order.

If you would like to receive plants outside this period, please ask us by e-mail. It is also possible to ask a delayed delivery.

Plants only leave on Mondays or Tuesdays.

ATTENTION: in 2019, no expeditions in the following weeks :
week 14 : 1 April until 7 April
week 18 : 29 April until 5 May
week 20 : 13 May until 19 May
week 22:  27 May until 2 June
week 33 : 12 Augustus until 18 August

Pick up plants at garden shows

You can order plants and pick them up at a garden show where we participate. Please order well in advance, the latest on Monday evening before the garden show. Only plants for which we received the payment will be brought to the shows.

Order Preparation

After receipt of your order, the best plants are chosen and we will let them dry in for a couple of days, so that they are not too wet for transport. That is the reason that we will dispatch your order the latest 10 days after receipt of your payment. Plants are sent in their container, unless otherwise indicated (bare-rooted plants can be shipped for Hosta and Agapanthus), well protected with a plant packaging.


Your plants will be delivered by post. The post will ask for a signature for receipt, so your presence is necessary. The day before delivery, you will receive a notification of delivery. In case of absence, you will find a note in your mailing box. The package will be waiting for you at the post office. (*)

Advice on Receipt

Get the plants as soon as possible out of their packaging. Water the plants and keep them in a shady spot for a day or two, so they can get used to daylight again. After that, you can start planting.

The delivery has arrived but there is a problem ?

Send us an e-mail within 24 hours with a picture that clearly shows the problem. We will look for a solution to solve it. Please note that we are not responsible for failure after planting.

(*) Choose well your delivery address.
If you are often absent, consider delivery at your work, with friends, neighbours, the grocery store… We are not responsible for problems caused by late delivery due to errors in the address or absence.